Custom Websites: When a Website Template Just Won’t Do

Custom Website DesignWhen it comes to identifying the best website designer for your customized site, we know you have a lot of choices. In fact, the choices can be overwhelming. How do you know which company will deliver the best value?

Affordable, professional, custom websites

We’ve been building custom sites for our clients for 18 years. While we’ve been asked to create websites with flashy graphics and all the bells and whistles, more than nine times out of ten, this isn’t what you need. And we let you know. At Cybermed Marketing, we believe in delivering value.

There are two fundamental reasons for doing business online:

  1. To make money
  2. To save money

Our WordPress custom website designs accomplish both while establishing a powerful identity for your business

Cybermed Marketing understands the importance of an individualized website customized specifically for your business and your market. We analyze your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, market position and competition. We look at your website objectives and partner with you to deliver a custom WordPress website design that meets those objectives and more.

We believe in going above and beyond

Cybermed Marketing Inc is known by its customers for its outstanding, unparalleled customer service. What does that mean for you? It means we are with you from beginning to end. As Web experts, we analyze and test your website based on an established set of standards that account for your website’s visual appeal, ease-of-use, functionality and scalability, which plans for growth. We optimize your site to ensure that you rank high in the search engines.

We create and deliver value

We not only build you the optimal custom WordPress website design for your business and market, but we assist with you with website testing for usability and advise you on lead-generating applications and customized applications, such as a shopping cart, a photo gallery or a membership forum.

Expert web applications

Do you need a customized application? Cybermed Marketing offers web application development services in following areas:

  • E-Commerce
  • Interactive applications
  • Content management systems
  • Blog integration

Here’s how we differentiate ourselves from the myriad of web designers out there.

  1. We Don’t Just Build Your Website…We Build Your Business. Read the Success Stories for proof that we deliver powerful business exposure translating to an increase in buying customers and corresponding growth in revenue.
  2. We’re WordPress experts. WordPress is a super easy-to-use web building platform used by more than 30 million users worldwide. Originally created as a blogging environment, WordPress has grown into a full-bodied Content Management System (CMS). What does that mean for you? WordPress gives anyone who can type, the ability to add content, edit and update your website, without having to depend on or pay for the services of a skilled webmaster. And because we’re WordPress experts, by staying on top of the latest WordPress technologies we can give your website additional functionality that delivers more value to your customers.
  3. We don’t hold your website hostage. We de-mystify what other web design companies would like to keep mysterious. We know you need a flexible, easy-to-edit and easy-to-maintain website and you need it to be accessible at all times.
  4. We’re here for you and we’re here to stay. With more than 18 years of proven, dedicated one-on-one service you will discover too, like our many thrilled and satisfied customers, that our customer service is impeccable. We are here for you and we don’t take that commitment lightly. We’re responsive and easy to reach, because we know we’re only successful when you are successful. And we help you get there.
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